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Taking bit of time out. Till recently European Commissioner for the Security Union. Previously Ambo in Paris & Dublin. Email:

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Julian King (EU) retweeted @tysonbarker :

RT @tysonbarker: And we're off - #MSC2019 opens with Munich Cyber Security Conference keynote by @JKingEU saying it's time for Europe to makes some hard choices on 5G.

Julian King (EU) tweeted :

‘Bad law must be broken’, really? Odd argument. Benn Act wasn’t imposed by foreign power, it was voted by… via @MailOnline

Julian King (EU) retweeted @markdurkan :

RT @markdurkan: 12) UK Government meant to exercise "rigorous impartiality" on behalf of all in NI but rig a wrecking consent lock for one party. Consent usually understood as required for change to status quo. So why not seek consent for leaving Customs Union or altering terms of SM alignment?

Julian King (EU) retweeted @EP_President :

RT @EP_President: More joint efforts key to enhancing the #security of our citizens. Working together we can deliver better results @JKingEU

Julian King (EU) retweeted @EP_President :

RT @EP_President: We will never forget those who risk their lives every day to protect us, like the police officers murdered in the cowardly terrorist attack in Liège. EU and Belgian flags lowered to half-mast in front of the European Parliament today.

Julian King (EU) retweeted @EP_President :

RT @EP_President: RT @EP_President: Brutal murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia: tragic example of journalist who sacrificed her life to seek out the truth. She…

Julian King (EU) retweeted @EP_President :

RT @EP_President: To protect our citizens, I’ve just signed into law a system that will strengthen the control and exchange of information of those who enter the Schengen area.

Julian King (EU) retweeted @TroelsOerting :

RT @TroelsOerting: RT @TroelsOerting: Euro commissioner calls for more collaboration on cyber security.…

Julian King (EU) retweeted @TroelsOerting :

RT @TroelsOerting: RT @TroelsOerting: If true, this open a whole new dimension in hacking. Integrity of information. What is real and what is fake? https://t.…