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Karmenu Vella (EU) retweeted @c40cities :

RT @c40cities: This Dutch office is one of the greenest, most intelligent buildings in the world – and it’s powered by clean energy. @wef

Karmenu Vella (EU) retweeted @c40cities :

RT @c40cities: RT @c40cities: #Berlin is being redesigned to become what's known as a "Sponge City" #Cities4Climate…

Karmenu Vella (EU) retweeted @c40cities :

RT @c40cities: Milan is tackling food waste to find ways to reduce the 50% of food wasted in EU households & restaurants ♻️🍉🍏

RT @BMRupprechter: RT @BMRupprechter: EU-Bürgerdialog mit @KarmenuVella &mir: wie können wir Vorreiterrolle im Umweltschutz ausbauen? Diskutieren Sie mit: htt…

Karmenu Vella (EU) retweeted @UPM_Pulp :

RT @UPM_Pulp: EU Ecolabel celebrates 25th anniversary at #EUGreenWeek. All UPM pulps are approved for #EUecolabel papers. #thatsimpressive

Karmenu Vella (EU) retweeted @EESC_LMO :

RT @EESC_LMO: Our @EESC_LMO event on #GreenJobs started with B. Synnott from @KarmenuVella cabinet & MEP J. Lambert @GreenJeanMEP #EUGreenWeek #GreenJobs

Karmenu Vella (EU) retweeted @Josefa_GBOM :

RT @Josefa_GBOM: Hoy sostuvimos una magnífica reunión con el Comisionado de Medio Ambiente de la @EU_Commission, @KarmenuVella, para ampliar los lazos de colaboración en #EconomíaCircular. La Unión Europea será un gran aliado para transitar de una economía lineal, a una economía circular ♻🇲🇽🇪🇺

RT @antonioguterres: This video is a poignant reminder of the urgent need to protect the planet. On #EarthDay & every day, take #ClimateAction in every way you can.…