All deleted tweets from politicians

Member of the European Parliament from the Hungarian Democratic Coalition, Treasurer of the S&D Group

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RT @b_novak: MUST WATCH: This is what happens when an opposition MP tries to get air time on public media in Hungary. Akos Hadhazy is roughed up and dragged away by armed security guards. #Hungary

RT @liliebayer: UN special rapporteur says that in #Hungary’s transit zone for asylum seekers, women and children with serious chronic diseases and cancer remain untreated for months.…

RT @AJCTAI: Naked anti-Semitism in the Belgian city of #Liege: A cafe owner hangs a sign saying that Jews aren‘t allowed in — but dogs are. This shocking display of hate shows that fighting anti-Semitism in all its forms is as necessary as ever.…

Péter Niedermüller (EU) tweeted :

Hatred is consuming us. This is what irresponsible #populism & hate-mongering leads us; 2 violent actions, 2 be condemned in the strongest terms! I call on politicians 2 restore sanity & abide by norms of tolerance & understanding & stop treating political adversaries as enemies

RT @hhc_helsinki: By now 1300+ Hungarian attorneys sign petition protesting against criminalising homelessness and call on judges to uphold justice……

Péter Niedermüller (EU) tweeted :

There r almost 25 m children living in poverty in the EU, 1 of the world's richest regions, in #Hungary alone 33,6% of children. Completely unacceptable. @TheProgressives have long been advocating 4 #ChildGuarantee 2 help #EndChildPoverty #EndPoverty.

RT @eureporter: #Poland: 'Poland's Street Pulse' exhibition in the European Parliament presented photos from two photojournalists. The photos cover the street demonstrations against the current government's attack on the Polish Constitution.

Péter Niedermüller (EU) tweeted :

Shame that Orbán's 7 y fake freedom fight caused #Hungary 2 be 1st MS EU launches #Article7 against. It's Orbán or Europe @TheProgressives