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RT @norton_ceo: In China selling Brit hand built Norton bikes.These guys sold 2m bikes last year, huge market. We’ve agreed long term deal to put Norton in 100 stores across China. @tradegovuk @LiamFox @10DowningStreet #export #uk

Dr Julia Reid PhD (EU) tweeted :

Trump escalates attacks on ‘hapless’ Georgia governor refusing signature matching in recount…

RT @JustineBrian: Trade unionists and Labour member @PaulEmbery - tells his colleagues on the Left that the divide is not now Left vs Right but between democrats and anti-democrats, and there’s only one side they should be on.

RT @SamuelJJack: RT @SamuelJJack: Let's start a fight. Yorkshire Red or Gold?

RT @dorian_smith: @ajcdeane I've just driven to the end of my road, there is a sign saying "Stop" there, I've been here 2 hours and 39 minutes, I'm waiting for instructions when I can go, there is a lack of guidance, can you help?

RT @SkinnyJody: RT @SkinnyJody: Lean right but just donated. Media make #EUref a left/right issue but couldn't be more wrong! Left want 2 Leave too! https:…

RT @Kimberl11901896: Officially quit my job as a police Sgt. in the state of Pennsylvania. I couldn't stand any longer to represent such a corrupt state. So many VOTES were stolen!!! I'm MOVING to Florida, where I can continue my police work. Can I get some RETWEETS and FOLLOWS?

RT @timothy_stanley: "Protest is not a permitted exemption to the prohibition on gatherings under current coronavirus regulations in England, the force said." A sentence one never hopes to read.

RT @thegwpfcom: RT @thegwpfcom: Green lies exposed yet again: Manufacturing green vehicles creates more CO2 than making fuel models…

RT @HousePriceMania: RT @HousePriceMania: It's odd that 600+ people in Westminster think they are more important that the people who voted for them.