All deleted tweets from politicians

Freeing the UK of rule by the BOOGIB (Bunch Of Old Guys In Belgium). SDP Brexit spokesman. Political commentator.

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Patrick O'Flynn (EU) retweeted @LozzaFox :

RT @LozzaFox: Hopefully this might an opportunity for us to continue to celebrate diversity in all its forms. Including diversity of opinion. @EquityUK @EquityREC…

RT @LukeEclair: As part of the cultural destruction of my city in the 1970s, they tore down this beautiful church on Westgate Street in Gloucester and built a horrendous Tesco (now Wilkinsons) in it's place.

RT @post_liberal: Mountain of evidence to suggest that using Cannabis is terrible for your MH. That fact doesn't get much media coverage. Very little good evidence to suggest smart-phone use is bad for your MH. Mountain of media coverage re alleged link between smart-phone use and MH probs.

Patrick O'Flynn (EU) retweeted @NickBoles :

RT @NickBoles: Something hilariously Stalinist about cabinet ministers all tweeting the same message at the same time and thinking it achieves anything other than make them look like ludicrous robots

RT @KeithKeith80: RT @KeithKeith80: Dan speaks for the nation today .....…

Patrick O'Flynn (EU) retweeted @opto_sean :

RT @opto_sean: RT @opto_sean: Hahahaha! Silence, MSM◽ Incompetent BBC drone mutes himself and then Peston balls it up...the power of Cummings. https://t.…

RT @sarahditum: That Nandy clip is ASTOUNDING. A political party where an otherwise serious contender for leader can say rapists should be put in women's prisons and have the right to force others to call them women, AND GETS A ROUND OF APPLAUSE FOR SAYING THIS, is a dead party

RT @kwilliam111: RT @kwilliam111: Gang who rape 13 year old girls would be front page news in most places. Not in #Rotherham

RT @mikelovestweets: I was just standing in the queue for Aldi. The 2 ladies behind me were discussing "Stay Alert." They said to each other "it's confusing innit." I asked them why it was confusing. They both said because they'd heard someone on the telly say it was confusing. I rest my case.