All deleted tweets from politicians

Forsætisráðherra / Prime Minister of Iceland.

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Gleðilega þjóðhátíð!

Til hamingju með nýjan Herjólf Vestmannaeyingar og við öll!

#IDAHOT and we are reminded of the progress made in #LGBTQI+ equality, but also of the long way to go. Iceland is working on a new law and my Government has doubled the support to the Natational Queer Org. of Iceland. Ensuring justice+protection for all requires government action

Thank you Juri Ratas for receiving us today! The great friendship between our countries is an important one and we look forward to continuing to work together and learning from your #eEstonia efforts and experience.

Transnational collaboration is the route to general welfare and sustainability and the Left needs to collaborate across borders to counteract the rise of the radical right. Thank you to my fellow panellists at an excellent seminar celebrating #vg20

Even though my husband is a devout @ManUtd fan this is what he gave me for my birthday. Love conquers all @LFC @KOP_is #YNWA

The women’s movement paved the way for progress in Iceland. Gender equality does not happen by chance. We must work to eliminate gender-based violence, which is both a cause and a consequence of womens inequality…

I had the honour of listening to Chancellor Angela Merkel speak about European politics from 1914 until today at a dinner hosted by Suddeutsche Zeitung last night

Kæru konur, leggjum niður launuð og ólaunuð störf í dag og sameinumst á útifundum um allt land. Höldum síðan áfram því þrotlausa starfi að breyta samfélaginu.…

Björgunarsveitirnar vinna ótrúlegt og óeigingjarnt starf allan ársins hring. Tók þátt í söfnunarátaki Landsbjargar í kvöld og sýndi (van)hæfni mína í klifri!