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Member of Icelandic Parliament, programmer, pilot, author, futurist. Working on economy & trade. Chair of Future, EFTA & EEA Committees.

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Smári McCarthy (iceland) replied to @toyg :

@toyg No.

RT @le_toti: @smarimc For those wondering how, here's the JavaScript version of how to check for this: var dnt = navigator.doNotTrack; returns null, 0 or 1. If 1 then don't track and don't show tracking notice.

RT @draganakaurin: RT @draganakaurin: Okay, I don’t understand. Why aren’t they trying “thoughts & prayers” first? This is baffling.…

RT @Jalalapeno: RT @Jalalapeno: This might be the most talented man in the world that shit blew my mind

RT @EmilyGorcenski: RT @EmilyGorcenski: Coupscrolling

RT @jaromil: So sad that Github sold to Microsoft. When participation is an asset by design, every innovation is doomed by a capital driven regression into corporate monopolies. Now prepare to a descent into a logic of profit... and bad taste.

RT @MishiChoudhary: 2g service isn't Internet, white listing a few websites isn't Internet, you can't fool all the people all the time. Can we stop playing this game in #kashmir? #internetshutdown

@olibuijr Decentralization is great. It's just not always necessary and occasionally just gets in the way for little or no be edit.

3000 is of course a gross underestimate. The worst Bitcoin confirmation time (essentially "insert time") was around 1800 seconds, or 60000000 times slower than an atomic insertion on a reasonable database like postgres.