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Member of Icelandic Parliament, programmer, pilot, author, futurist. Working on economy & trade. Chair of Future, EFTA & EEA Committees.

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@AgentSpock @aj42 @cguess @InaugCountdown ... nah. Some old penniless white dude lost is job and is being evicted.

Smári McCarthy (iceland) tweeted :

Wanna vent me? ZLLEIF. :D

RT @ashleyn1cole: RT @ashleyn1cole: How... long was I off Twitter?

RT @RottenInDenmark: RT @RottenInDenmark: Yes. "Election night" is an invention of TV, not democracy…

@HODLMeBad @Frances_Coppola Sorry to break it to you dude. I was on the mailing list where Bitcoin was announced, have been familiar since day one. I understand it's internals quite well I maintain a crypto library. My day job is largely economic regulation. Trust me: it's not even money, let alone sound.

@nntaleb @nkoren @stacyherbert No, I'm not. I'm addressing the argument made, as it was made. B

@rabble @EthanZ @blaine Ah! You threw all rock! ◽

RT @ConorDougherty: I've been an econ reporter 20 years. Covered dot com bust and the Great Recession. Never - never ever ever - have I seen things move this fast. Call a business one day, things seem fine. Hours later, literally hours, they are talking layoffs and calling emergency board meetings.

Smári McCarthy (iceland) tweeted :

Reminder: @FiveThirtyEight gives Trump a 12 in 100 chance of winning right now. That's basically 1 in 8. Try tossing a coin 8 times, never getting heads, and then go tell your American friends to vote.

RT @Open_Britain: MUST-READ: Cross-party group says leaving the Single Market would leave UK poorer and merit voters being allowed to rethink Brexit…