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Doctor, Health insurer and often times being one 👥

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RT @RGVzoomin: If United States saw what United States is doing to United States , United States would have invaded United States to liberate United States from United States

RT @paulocoelho: RT @paulocoelho: Don't help others without their permission. Sometimes we want to fix things that they don't consider to be broken (Coel…

RT @richardsennett: This is an immigrant family, newly arrived in Germany. The boy in the yellow shirt will go on to invent the COVID vaccine.

RT @FaheemYounus: RT @FaheemYounus: It’s not a BAD virus that’s killing us; it’s bad behavior.

RT @VarunKumarIPSTN: RT @VarunKumarIPSTN: “Some things take time. Be patient. Results will follow. Trust the process.”

RT @shashanksaiIPS: Look before you leap..To all the gutka sellers flying high #mylaporepolice just delivered you an RKO .. Seized 5.5 tons of gutka worth 40 lakhs..


@kunalkamra88 I think it’s ‘kunal KARMA’ that’s hitting your friend! ◽◽◽

@DrNikitaMehra Can’t agree more, Ma’am! :’)