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Member of Parliament-Rajya Sabha, RJD. Doctor. Feminist. Rationalist. Socialist. Follows religion, but not blindly. Born in revolution, born for revolution.

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RT @tjoseph0010: "Modi has himself to blame... With his excessive personalization of policy and stubborn strategic naiveté, he has shown himself not as the diplomatically deft strongman he purports to be, but as a kind of Indian Neville Chamberlain." @Chellaney…

RT @AshrafFem: ये देखिए, राजस्थान के अलवर में गौतस्करी करते हुए पकड़ा गया “बाबू लाल शर्मा” जो कि जयपुर पुलिस लाईन में हैडकांस्टेबल है। किसी चैनल पर कोई खबर नही, सभी खामोश हैं, ये वही अलवर है जहाँ पहलू खान पर गौतस्करी का आरोप लगाकर भीड़तंत्र द्वारा मॉब लिंचिंग की गई थी। आज उनके बच्चे यतीम हैं।

RT @suryapsingh_IAS: कासगंज में गैंग रेप की पीड़िता व उसकी माँ जब थाने शिकायत लिखने गयी तो दोनों को गाड़ी से कुचल के मार दिया गया l #EndYogisRapeRaj

RT @suryapsingh_IAS: RT @suryapsingh_IAS: Don't Waste Your Vote. Vote for Change in Bihar. #BiharRejectsNDA

RT @INCPunjab: RT @INCPunjab: Kejriwal's plans for Punjab being exposed by Kumar Vishwas.

Dr. Misa Bharti (india) retweeted @newley :

RT @newley: Exclusive: Facebook balked at removing from its platform a Hindu nationalist organization in India after warnings from its security team that its local staff might face harm. Story with @JeffHorwitz:…

Dr. Misa Bharti (india) retweeted @ndtv :

RT @ndtv: RT @ndtv: No mandatory notice under special Marriage Act: Allahabad High Court NDTV’s Alok Pandey reports

RT @socialist_teach: NYT runs an article on how Cuba is undemocratic and self-owns by posting a picture of a multi-national, multi-generational, multi-gender National Assembly. Compare that to the “democracy” of the US. Qwhite a comparison.

RT @ashoswai: RT @ashoswai: Has this regime ever solved an issue through talk? For the talk to succeed you must have the ability to listen! #farmersrprot…

RT @ashoswai: RT @ashoswai: This Gujarati company was cheating even Nigerians! Modi has surely made India the Viswaguru.… via @The…