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Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Estonia 🇪🇪 #EstoniaUNSC

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2/2 We insist that Russian authorities release all Ukrainian political prisoners and stop the persecution of Crimean activists and citizen journalists. Use of administrative arrests, criminal accusations, confiscation of property and other repressive mechanisms is unacceptable.

Happy Victory Day! On June 23, 1918 Estonian troops won the decisive battle of Võnnu against Baltische Landeswehr and ensured the path to our independence. What followed was victory in our War of Independence. We honour and remember everyone who fought for freedom!

RT @LinkeviciusL: Great to have friends🇵🇱J.Czaputowicz, 🇱🇻@edgarsrinkevics & 🇪🇪@UrmasReinsalu in Vilnius. During our talks we covered a wide range of important topics such as EU & NATO issues, regional coop., security challenges, joint actions in countering disinformation & historical revisionism.

RT @MFAestonia: 💧 Today is the 79th anniversary of June deportations. We are commemorating the innocent people who fell victim to the inhuman terror of occupying forces and by remembering we hope that these crimes against humanity will never be repeated.

RT @UrmasReinsalu: Spoke with @HeikoMaas last night. Discussed 🇪🇪 and 🇩🇪 Covid-19 responses and exit strategies. Working together to ensure a strong European recovery. Also, continuing our joint efforts at the #UNSC to make the world a safer place.

RT @Ulkoministerio: In 2020 we gather #LessonsForPeace as we mark 75th anniversary of the end of WWII and establishment of @UN. Thank you @UrmasReinsalu @estoniaUN @MFAEstonia for organizing today’s #UNSC meeting to discuss our #SharedHistorySharedFuture

#WorldWarII was a tragedy that brought untold sorrow to humankind. In my opening speech at today's meeting, I emphasised three #LessonsForPeace: - the importance of freedom - the unanimous, clear rejection of illegal use of force - an urgent call for international cooperation

Today I will host a virtual high-level meeting to discuss #LessonsForPeace learnt from #WWII. As the world faces one of the biggest global crises since, it is all the more our duty to remember #SharedHistorySharedFuture. Join us at 10am (EDT):

RT @MFAestonia: Tomorrow, 75 years after World War II ended on European soil, Estonia will host a high-level meeting to discuss #LessonsForPeace, and the responsibility of the #UNSC. Follow the event live from anywhere in the world at 10am (EDT): @EstoniaUN

Spoke at the @ITU and @UNSGDigiCoop #digitalcooperation webinar today on how we can share the Estonian experience in #digitalisation and #cybersecurity for the benefit of others, especially in the time of #COVID19