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RT @mikercarpenter: This is the exact argument made by authoritarian propagandists from Lenin to Xi Jinping: namely, that representative democracy is too contentious and messy and benevolent authoritarian leaders can better guarantee liberty, peace, and prosperity. Do we really want to go there?

RT @Susan_Hennessey: It is just impossible to read this and not believe that Flynn was acting at the direction of then president-elect Trump.

Electoral map by the land vs Electoral map by the voters.

Kolmapäeval tuleb president @KerstiKaljulaid Järamaale, et seekord külastada Koeru keskkooli ja astuda läbi luuletaja Kalju Lepiku kuju juurest.…

Mul oli ei au osaleda Koerus oma vanaisa, eesti luuletaja Kalju Lepiku, monumendi avamisel tema 100. sünniaastapäeval. I was honoured to attend the opening ceremony of my grandfather’s monument in Koeru, Estonia. Kalju Lepik was an Estonian poet.

RT @IlvesToomas: In 1940, when the Sovs occupied Estonia, beating people into a pulp was a regular feature. They did it to my grandfather's brother, the ambassador to Finland and then Latvia. It wasn't part of the "contractual relationship" with Estonia, @mfa_russia