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RT @didikuo1: Corporations are being much more supportive of democracy than the GOP caucus, and they’re acting in ways that affect (far-right) candidates’ prospects. We should be wary of too much corporate power - but we shouldn’t be cynical about the crucial role it can play today. /end

RT @alexstamos: There have been good arguments for private companies to not silence elected officials, but all those arguments are predicated on the protection of constitutional governance. Twitter and Facebook have to cut him off. There are no legitimate equities left and labeling won't do it.

RT @jddelaney: This is the image I can’t forget. I’ve walked this hall 100s maybe 1000s of times w/pride & sense of duty around being a Black staffer in this space. But this message is loud & clear. Spent yesterday texting friends & fam I’m ok. Seeing this picture I realize. No, I’m not.

RT @MSnegovaya: RT @MSnegovaya: @kalenskyj It's like a Soviet joke: "The USSR only fights defensive wars, while continuously expanding in the process."

RT @elisabethbraw: Very true. Unfortunately people's apprehension towards the AZ vaccine is the result of misinformation and disinformation. The next time someone dismisses the danger of fake news, this is the case to point to.

Eesti Noore Stipendium kuulutab välja uue stipendiumikonkursi - “Krüpto- ja plokiahela-tehnoloogiad Eesti heaks: miks ja kuidas panna programmeerijad, juristid ja poliitikud ühte keelt rääkima?”

Between 25-28 March, more than 22,000 people from Estonia, and a total of more than 90,000 people across the Baltics, were forcibly removed from their homes and deported to Siberia in cattle wagons. Over 70% of those deported were women and children under the age of 16.

RT @DavidLarter: I've never seen anything like this. Captain of Theodore Roosevelt pens a four-page letter pleading for resources, says the situation is rapidly spinning out of control as nearly 200 sailors test positive:…

RT @YiannisBab: RT @YiannisBab: A very rare sight, the Acropolis covered with snow