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RT @NigeriaAPPG: ‘The question is how can diaspora communities contribute to securing democracy and justice in their homeland? One contribution of the diaspora is publishing information that the government seeks to repress.’ - @Joyce_oduah

RT @NigeriaAPPG: 'Rather than gaslighting witnesses and victims, people should wait for more information to come to light. While people are trying to speak their truth and raise their complaints, we also have a group of people pushing conflicting narratives out there.’ - @livingtruely

I just voted to extend free school meals over half term and the Christmas Unsurprisingly the Tories voted it down. Sadly they are more interested in starving children of food. Tories are so cruel.

Its unconscionable that Boko Haram is roaming free whilst unarmed civilians are being gunned down by snipers. Lets be clear ONLY the President and National Security Agents can in instruct the army to kill. @MBuhari you have blood on your hands. #BuhariResignNow

RT @vogonpoemowen: RT @vogonpoemowen: @KateOsamor she'd be proud. The struggles of the black sections in Labour are an inspiration - we have a lot to learn fr…

RT @vogonpoemowen: RT @vogonpoemowen: Given how badly Martha Osamor was treated by Kinnock, it's awesome her daughter @KateOsamor is now in the shadow cabinet.

Today I joined @UKLabour #womenconnected digital rally on #BlackLivesMatter-Anti-racism and overcoming racial inequality with @HackneyAbbott Susan Matthews@unitetheunion & @ChiOnwurah - chaired by @BellRibeiroAddy Powerful thought-provoking discussion.

RT @MirrorPolitics: RT @MirrorPolitics: Care home firm that sacked MP for raising PPE fears admits it did have shortage……