All deleted tweets from politicians

Labour and Co-operative MP for Ilford South since 1992, re-elected June 8 2017 with 43,724 votes. Fanatical Hammer. Pro European. Things Can Only Get Better.

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RT @johnclifton_: Super excited for the launch of the @IlfordRCWC season this evening. We’re looking for more volunteers to offer hope to Redbridge’s rough sleepers - to sign up. We need to make this the best season we’ve ever had by helping more people than ever before.

RT @johnclifton_: Unfortunately @projectmalachi_ is delayed - but that won’t stop us supporting people. @IlfordRCWC is doing an extended opening and our partners @RedbridgeLive @RAMFELCharity @hlpcharity @RbridgeTogether are working with us to make it so no one has to sleep rough.…

RT @RossHaynes92: RT @RossHaynes92: "I joined Labour in June, took you to court in July & have the moral supremacy to tell you how to vote" Nope. https://t.…

RT @AnnabelMullin: Great photos of @JMPSimor with Martin Bell and @gavinesler campaigning for @ForChange_Now @ChangeUKLondon to fight for the future and stop Farage! Vote 🗳 #May23rd #EUElections2019

RT @AnnabelMullin: RT @AnnabelMullin: How much does Ann Widdecombe get paid for being oppressed?!…

RT @AnnabelMullin: In the #politics tent 🏕 at #bigtent19 hearing @MikeGapes talk about his red lines and how they led him to stop being a deeply tribal politician and to move away from @UKLabour ...a tough road.

RT @hansmollman: RT @hansmollman: a coalition of chaos cocktail is 1 part red bull, 1 part Baileys, 2 parts gin, 1 part Irn Bru.

RT @Puffles2010: So Brexit Kryptonite @heidiallen75 is banned by BBC executive in run up to EU Parliament elections in 2019, but Nigel given prime time slot in run up to 2014 EU Parliament election?… #BrokenBrexitBritain

RT @AmySCameron: RT @AmySCameron: @MikeGapes You're doing us proud in the house today! Please stick around and stop these filibusterers! #lighterlater