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Labour MP for Sheffield Heeley and Shadow Policing Minister.

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RT @ConstableT0M: @LouHaigh @PCPeeler £24m for CT policing too. Need some more detectives first before the needed officers can move across to CT policing!! #help

Louise Haigh (Labour) replied to @LouHaigh :

The protocol has to be made to work - that’s why we need concrete action from Ministers and support from Government now, otherwise we're going to see further shortages and disruption for Northern Ireland. My joint letter with @RachelreeevesMP to @brandonlewis and @michaelgove

RT @Moose171: RT @Moose171: @LouHaigh @Boscorelli55 They are on record saying they want Forces to run down their reserves

RT @Moose171: @DavidLammy @LouHaigh The Police have all the resources they need to fund their vital role in fighting Crime....except Officer numbers...Oh and the fact a lot of our work is not Crime related leaving little resources for actual Crime fighting. Sort that out things might change

RT @GMB_union: Colin has worked for British Gas for 30 years. Last year they used his story about the help he gave someone while at work for their PR. But under Centrica’s plans he wouldn't be have time to be such a Samaritan. Colin joins thousands on strike today ✊🏼 #StopTheBritishGasFire

RT @JoannaMang: RT @JoannaMang: The person writing Spotify’s song info blurbs has no patience for Bob Geldof’s bullshit

RT @LucyRigby: RT @LucyRigby: Further evidence that honours system is broken - outdated (partic re "Empire") & level of cronyism is embarrassing. https://…

RT @TorbsTalks: It has been brought to my attention that @FatboySlim has mixed @GretaThunberg’s speech into “right here, right now” and it’s incredible

Louise Haigh (Labour) retweeted @renireni :

RT @renireni: 'Pull up the ladder' attitudes turn my stomach, I'm sorry to say. The fact that my circumstances make me an anomaly among my peers exposes the problem. The more money I earn, the more can I see how rigged the system is.

Louise Haigh (Labour) tweeted :

The security of our country is crucial. The government must bring back a deal to protect it.