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Staying calm and listening to jazz

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Phil Wilson (Labour) tweeted :

I remember Godfrey. Really nice man. Tragic news.

RT @Kerrinwilson999: RT @Kerrinwilson999: Not a huge amount to make you laugh in the world at the moment so take a look at this ◽◽ Total legends ◽◽

RT @jessicaelgot: Labour MPs @peterkyle and @MPphilwilson who are behind the parliamentary drive for a confirmatory referendum have written to the NEC urging it to use the EU elections to campaign for a fresh poll regardless of whether a cross-party deal has been reached…

RT @ConorMcGinn: RT @ConorMcGinn: .@jeremycorbyn Did you threaten to ring my Dad - who you don't know - to 'get him to talk to me' after reading my @theHous…

RT @martinrankinLAB: RT @martinrankinLAB: @PhilWilsonMP @Glenn4Tynemouth Glenn must be very confident if he's not even bothering to campaign in #Tynemouth - tak…

RT @adrianmcmenamin: Thoughts and prayers at this difficult time with all those leftists who said that Trump showed that social democratic reform was dead and buried.

RT @KevanJonesMP: The Overseas Operations Bill fails our service personnel and veterans in so many respects, but here's two: It leaves them with fewer rights than prisoners in seeking redress from the MOD. It makes action from the ICC more likely, by weakening our military justice system here.

RT @LabourVault: In 1975, Harold Wilson gave his final conference speech as leader of the Labour Party. Listen to his views on unity ⤵️

RT @LabourVault: RT @LabourVault: Blair v Cameron - 2006

RT @StrongerIn: RT @StrongerIn: Being in Europe means more UK jobs and more opportunities now and in the future. We’re #StrongerIn.