All deleted tweets from politicians

Labour MP for Wallasey. Author ‘The New Serfdom - the triumph of conservative ideas and how to defeat them’

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RT @PickardJE: RT @PickardJE: more than 20,000 covid-infected people have died in the last three weeks

RT @UKLabour: The Conservatives plan to cut Universal Credit. Here’s Sharon’s message to Boris Johnson: “Please don’t. Please, please don’t. It’s going to break families”. #CancelTheCut

RT @WirralCAN: The £20 a week to #UniversalCredit has been a vital lifeline for many people we've helped during the pandemic at Citizens Advice Wirral. That's why we are calling for the government to #KeepTheLifeline - @angelaeagle @MickWhitleyMP - can we count on your support?

RT @anneapplebaum: Bizarre and unreflective essay from a person who used to be subtle and nuanced. Hammering in the cliche one final time, Christopher Caldwell says Trump 'spoke to a downwardly mobile, mostly white working class that had been forgotten by the elites.'…

RT @girlsreallyrule: After @BorisJohnson says he spoke w/Biden, @angelaeagle asks: "Does the PM now have any advice for his erstwhile best friend, President Trump, whose continuing refusal to accept the results is both embarrassing for him and dangerous for American Democracy?"

RT @PickardJE: 🚨 🚨 James Murdoch has castigated the US media for the “toxic politics” threatening American democracy, saying proprietors are as culpable as politicians who “know the truth but choose instead to propagate lies”.… via @financialtimes

RT @mrsamjtalbot: Socialist Health Association nominates @Keir_Starmer for Leader & @AngelaRayner for Deputy Leader of @UKLabour 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 @SocialistHealth

RT @TimothyDSnyder: When black people and their allies exercise freedom of speech, it is called violent insurrection. When white racists carry out violent insurrection, it is called free speech.

RT @WIRRALGLOBENEWS: RT @WIRRALGLOBENEWS: Morrisons customers not wearing masks face will be turned away…

RT @Paul_Dillane: On 17 May 2018, to coincide with International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia & Biphobia, @HouseofCommons to debate LGBT rights domestically and internationally. Thank you @peterkyle, @angelaeagle & @APPGLGBT #LGBTEquality #LGBTDebate #IDAHOTB