All deleted tweets from politicians

Labour MP for Kingston Upon Hull North since 2005. Member of Health Select Committee. For casework please e-mail or call 01482 319135.

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RT @DavidSedgwick: RT @DavidSedgwick: Well @GwynneMP smashed that interview with #mart and even got a meme out of it!

RT @JoshWhite113: The University of Hull remains the only University in the UK to have its very own APPG - take that, Oxford & Cambridge! #OneOfTheThreeGreatUniversities

RT @MarraStutz: RT @MarraStutz: All-female flight crew lands plane in country they're not allowed to drive in

RT @radiomukhers: One of my favourite stories from Kolkata is that when they toppled all the statues of British people, they kept the horses and put Indian heroes on them instead.

RT @NorthcottSchool: We’ve experienced a significant amount of vandal damage over the last 2 days amounting to tens of thousands of £😞. This takes away from all that we do, to those responsible, please bear in mind we can’t afford this amount of damage and SEN pupils will suffer as a result

RT @JoStevensLabour: Oh dear. This presenter from Kremlin backed @RT accuses me on @SkyNews of knowing “nothing about the law.” I thought over 25 years as a solicitor successfully representing thousands of people and 5 years as a legislator has probably given me a bit of an insight into the law.

RT @guertin_mike: I wouldn’t normally do this but this is my beautiful wife of over 20 years but she’s more than that. She works on the covid 19 unit on her floor in Milford hospital. Maybe you guys could comment,like,or retweet so she n I could feel some love for the danger she puts herself in.

RT @EmmaHardyMP: I have just asked the PM what new support he will provide to protect Hull workers and jobs? He mentioned current schemes and furlough, but no new support for us in Hull following COVID-19. I explained you can not 'level up' if everything is shutting down...#PMQs

Brilliant question from @EmmaHardyMP to PM “You can’t level up by shutting down” and marking the case for help and assistance needed in Hull @Hull_Trains @thedeephull @Hullccnews Shame that in his waffling answer he didn’t know that Hull isn’t in the East Riding of Yorkshire!