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Proud to be serving the people of Birmingham Perry Barr as their Labour Member of Parliament since 2001. Shadow Defence Minister ( procurement )

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RT @LordRoyKennedy: Yes I will be voting tomorrow in the House of Lords to remove the clauses in the Bill that break international law. @UKHouseofLords

RT @hudacabdulaziz: @khalid4PB giving a talk on Europe, emphasising that immigration is essential to growth and economic development #LSPW16

RT @elaina22475794: @JonAshworth we need compulsory masks for three months .. confidence must be high for those now frightened to venture out after lockdown eased ..

RT @darrenadam: On the show this morning: Labour MP @khalid4PB & @HJS_Org's @samwarmstrong on right-wing extremism. @ayeshahazarika on #TonyBlair and Labour. And Nevada journalist @jacobsolisnv & Nevada Democrat Strategist @mjoneslv with a preview of the #NevadaCaucus. Join me from 1 on @LBC.

RT @InspAhmedWMP: RT @InspAhmedWMP: Just bumped into @andy4wm @NewStyleRadio before my appearance no pressure!! Listen in

RT @WasiqUK: Hi @KonstantinKisin here is my piece I wrote on the danger of sanitising language in favour of protecting imagined victims. Yes, we should call it ‘Islamist’ terror - spiked…

Khalid Mahmood (Labour) tweeted :

Comments from Baron Ahmed.

RT @WasiqUK: Re: The Muslim Brotherhood in the West and the matter of; influence, votes, spokesmen etc... This is from a former member the organization. I suspect it will resonate with a lot of people that have said the same thing for many years but have been ignored because it is ‘racist’.