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Following the success of ‘Badger Watch’, tonight BBC one brings you ‘Unicorn Watch.’ 🦄 #ConservativeDebate #ToryLeadershipElection #ConservativeLeadershipRace

For the last few years, @theSNP have been trying to inject some warmth into the First Minister in what can only be described as a ‘mother of the nation’ strategy. For Angus here, that nation is made up of INDEPENDENCE SUPPORTING SPIDER-BABIES😳👇🏻

RT @youngvulgarian: Jacob Rees Mogg is now on Instagram and his account is honestly everything you could hope for and more:…

RT @nedlamb: @normanlamb Like father like son

“Walk cheerfully over the world.”🤗 (George Fox, 1652)

Who are ‘these people’? There is an *othering* in your last sentence here, Andrew. Linked to your ‘this country’ line, It implies a sense of national moral superiority. Sincerely hope (speaking as part of the English diaspora in Scotland- since I was 8) that I’ve read this wrong?

RT @Gary_McLelland: SNP urged to make sex education compulsory…

RT @cdfimages: Who's going to win #EuropeanElection2019? @willie_rennie and @LibDems on their MEP candidates and why you need to vote them.…

RT @NigeTomo65: @timfarron Can Kendal get funding for a much needed Northern Relief Road ❗️