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Lib Dem for Carshalton & Wallington. Fighting for our community and St Helier Hospital for over 25 years. Casework to

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RT @DavidBlackm0re: My thanks to @thomasbrake for coming into @radiosthelier > It's his hardest ever fight but He didn't shirk any question. #GoodNewsShow

RT @wdjstraw: RT @wdjstraw: British World War Two veterans say leaving the EU would mean we would be going “backwards not forwards”:…

RT @StrongerInPress: RT @StrongerInPress: .@jamieoliver supports Britain remaining in the EU - he's baked a pie to show it #StrongerIn

RT @StrongerInPress: RT @StrongerInPress: European landmarks light up in support of remaining in the EU:… #StrongerIn

RT @open_britpress: RT @open_britpress: .@thomasbrake, leading Open Britain supporter, dispels the myths of the Civitas report

RT @peoplesvote_uk: New poll reveals a majority of Labour supporters want a #PeoplesVote on the finalBrexit deal. It's time for Labour to line up with the views of its supporters & demand a #PeoplesVote Please RT:

RT @peoplesvote_uk: BREAKING: Match of the Day Presenter @GaryLineker hits the back of the net & comes out in support of a #PeoplesVote Everybody needs to see this – Please RT:

RT @peoplesvote_uk: BREAKING: @TSSAunion, a Labour Party affiliated union, joins Royal College of Nursing & Prospect to support a #PeoplesVote. With new facts on Brexit coming to light all the time, it's clear that more & more hard working people are demanding a #PeoplesVote.

RT @peoplesvote_uk: READ: Gill Walton of the Royal College of Midwives writes powerfully on why @MidwivesRCM is backing our campaign for a #PeoplesVote

RT @peoplesvote_uk: WATCH: Theresa May is being dishonest with the British public over Brexit & the NHS. There is no Brexit dividend, only a Brexit deficit. Please RT this so everybody knows it: