All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @tmabbasi1: A must read for at least Pakistanis. Knowing RSS/BJP philosophy. Two pages from RSS founding father figure M.S. Golwalkar book. Hindu Rashtra stretch from Afghanistan to Sri Lanka; all fully assimilated inside

RT @elyratner: National Defense Strategy out today: - Historically significant bookend to 9/11 era in U.S. defense strategy; - Recognizes great power competition with China and Russia as top priority and central military challenge; - Kudos to DASD Colby and OSD Strategy team for job well done.

RT @ayshajkhan_: @avisharma777 @Jan_Achakzai Oye Indian key bachey, nice joke,yes like Pakistan has shown you 3 times already I never said that you did, I gave you counter narrative, your Migs aremire a laugh than your whole country

RT @ayshajkhan_: Ok now nobody likes You Israel not middle east or South Asia or south east, China, not even Europe, imposed by force with side kick USA and now you wanna be in gulf? In your dreams, how does it feel to be so unwanted & unpopular? @IsraelintheGulf #IsraeliCrimes #Israel

RT @waqas_x: Indians making fake Pakistani accounts on twitter are the most hilarious trainwrecks ive ever seen. Here's Lt Zamal saying Pakistan Jindabad.

RT @waqas_x: Mama Qadeer was made the face of "non violent struggle" and all armchair leftists turned him into a hero. Here he is asking for weapons from India to fight against the state.

RT @waqas_x: Lollll, iss ko paisay nahi milay tou yeh palat gaya. Kaisay kaisay cartoons hain dunya mein... Ahmer Mastikhan is now a 'Former Raw Agent' and says RAW embezzles money earmarked to support terrorists in Balochistan.

RT @waqas_x: What would happen if there was a Pakistani NGO in France advising 'activists' on strategies to "resist Macron's brutal regime", and issuing statements, expressing concern for French democracy?