All deleted tweets from politicians

member parliament from 2008 to 2013 from NA3 peshawar member PAC of Pakistan Member parliament believes in Accountability A Pushtun N proud Pakistani

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RT @NAofPakistan: عمان کی مجلس شوریٰ کے چیئرمین خالد بن ہلال ناصر المعولی نے قومی اسمبلی میں رکھی مہمانوں کی کتاب میں اپنے ثاثرات قلم بندکی…

RT @edwardianabkhan: Though not belong to his party but know him very well, Noor Alam Khan is a popular figure.@NOORALAMKHAN is an upright…

@Faryfarhan @Jhagra He is like my younger brother but what can you do my constituents they ask for electrification /transformers its summers in hot weather I cannot leave them have to raise my voice

RT @NAofPakistan: Mr. Noor Alam Khan, Convener chairing the PAC sub committee meeting in Parliament House. #NAatwork #PACsubcommittee @NOOR…

@UmarzaiAmir Lol you must be the brother of some police officer

@WaqasBajaury I have has meeting with the pesco officials they say there are loss on the feeders the matter is from 30 years it will take time let’s hope for the best

RT @NadeemAfzalChan: This is my only original account. Please report @Nadeemchann. It is a fake account. Anything tweeted from that account…

Noor Alam Khan (pakistan) tweeted :

DIVIDE & RULE Pathan Punjabi Baloch Sindhi Siraiki Hazara Mahajir Memon Behari Gujrati Bangali Kashmiri Is Mulk me ap ko ye sb milenge, bas nhi mile ga to PAKISTANI OR Is K elawa Deobandi Barelvi Wahabi Ahl'e Hadis Sunni Shiaa Ye sb b milen ge pr nhi mile ga to MUSALMAN

Noor Alam Khan (pakistan) tweeted :

Yesterday at Essakhelhameed UC Gulbela with DM Arbab Yousaf hayat n Tm Shoaib #PTI