All deleted tweets from politicians

Exec. Member Voice of Karachi(VoK) and SAMAF. Nothing to do with MQM. RT’s doesn’t mean endorsement. Live & Let Live

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RT @Imamofpeace: Barbaric cavemen attacking doctors in India because they believe coronavirus doesn’t affect them and no doctors are needed.

RT @Imamofpeace: This is another form of terrorism against innocent people. The Chinese government is behaving like ISIS. Victims and their families have met with US officials and detailed abuse, rape, etc. Leaked document shows Chinese gov targeting Muslim minorities.…

RT @HpProduction110: میرا بھائی عاطف ھاشمی کو لاپتہ ھوئے 5 سال ھو گئے ھیں۔ اور آج بھی اسکی معصوم بچیاں اپنے باپ کی راہ تک رھیں ھیں۔ اور میری ماں کی نگاہ میں ایک سوال ھے کہ میرے بیٹے کا قصور کیا ھے۔۔؟ ان حالات میں جب کررونا جیسی وبا نے دنیا کو مفلوج کر دیا ھے تو کیا مقتدر حلقے انکو ظاھر کر کے

RT @haseeb_farooq20: My brother in law Mirza Muhammad Wahid beg seat # 9A was on the tragic flight pk8303, we request if anyone can revert back with DM incase they find his whereabouts. Pleae also pray to Allah for survival of 99 other passengers and residents like him #planecrash

RT @khaansaaib: RT @khaansaaib: Ansar Sahab ! May your soul rest in eternal peace. Boss !! You will be missed @naqvi1966 ◽◽◽