All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @RahimNasari: Imposing ban on entry of non-locals in North Waziristan to avoid @manzoorpashteen’s possible arrival at #KharQamar place is shameful level of state’s wimpishness to face #PTM’s constitutional demands. Futile attempts will give you nothing but shameful defeat. Stop it!

RT @RahimNasari: RT @RahimNasari: Good piece of writing by @a_siab on cancellation of peace talk and reasons behind…

RT @AnasMallick: In a first, TTP Chief Noor Wali Mehsud appears on camera and gives an Interview on the Afghan gains and US Withdrawal to @NicRobertsonCNN…

RT @DrPAhad: You die over and over on the path towards enlightenment. There is no final destination but just the journey of learning to live in the present moment. Let go of superficial layers & unhealthy attachments, which inhibit the rebirth of consciousness. ❤️ #mindfulness

RT @MarrySubhi: RT @MarrySubhi: He is PTI's worker in Waziristan

RT @kawishanjum: RT @kawishanjum: Absolutely Not آج امریکہ نے قندھار میں فضائی حملہ کس ملک سے کیا۔؟ ڈرون حملوں کی اجازت کس نے دی۔؟

RT @DrPAhad: Children murdered while receiving therapy for complex post traumatic stress disorder from previous war trauma. This world & its spineless leaders have failed so many generations of children in occupied territories throughout the world. #FreePalestine #Gaza #HumanRights