All deleted tweets from politicians

Director (South & Central Asia) Hudson Institute. Pakistan ambassador to US 2008-2011. Author of 'Pakistan Between Mosque & Military' & 'Magnificent Delusions'

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RT @husainhaqqani: Did not know I am that powerful 💪🏽 Thank you @ImranKhanPTI for giving me credit when it is not due. If your sources of information are so poor, nothing will help you 😏

RT @BJ_Socialist: RT @BJ_Socialist: A must read by @husainhaqqani After reading many would be abusing him mainly because they cant digest the truth. https…

RT @wajahatmasood: سپریم کورٹ کے محترم جسٹس کے خلاف بدنیتی پر مبنی ریفرنس بھیجنے والے صدر مملکت کا اپنے عہدے پر برقرار رہنا ریاست مدینہ کا امتحان ہے۔ محض الزام پر دوسروں سے استعفیٰ مانگنے والے ٹولے کے خلاف عدالت عظمیٰ کا فیصلہ آیا ہے۔ واضح رہے کہ صدر نے ایک حلف اٹھا رکھا ہے۔

RT @husainhaqqani: RT @husainhaqqani: تحریک کی رفتار برقرار رہی تو صفحے الگ ہو سکتے ہیں- میرے تازہ مضمون اردو میں…

RT @husainhaqqani: “While politicians are used to controversy, army generals are not.” My latest on how Pakistan’s Military might deal with the political Opposition.…

RT @a_siab: When the Constitution,laws & rules are trampled down with impunity, physical clashes between different categories of the armed contingents wielding state power naturally rise, a path traversed by Somalia, Sudan and Libya etc. The only way out is return to constitutional system.

@Dr_ShwetaGulati @GeorgeWill FYI Mr. Will is a well known conservative, not a Democrat. ◽

@Dr_ShwetaGulati The difference it makes is that it shows your ignorance while responding to the original tweet. Learn to read & appreciate people’s opinions even when they are not the same as yours. Bye.

RT @BilalZakhilwal: #Afghanistan High Peace Council (HPC) says, "Govt & HPC r completely ready for direct peace talks to start. It is the time Taliban should announce their readiness & we will wait for their positive response to the people’s voice. Afghan People’s united voice should be respected".