All deleted tweets from politicians

Coordinator to Sec Gen for Sindh WW, XPresident Sindh WW, Welfare, Justice & Self-Esteem. My Life Revolves Around IK's Vision. A True Insafian !! Pakistan 💚

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RT @VORdotcom: We can still stop this. Right here. Right now. @ImranKhanPTI , @narendramodi two just have to talk to each other. One word from both of you will stop the death of many young men and women. People of India and Pakistan... add your voice to this. RT this. #iWantPeace

RT @VORdotcom: Dear @narendramodi @ImranKhanPTI wants to talk. Please, for the sake of #Abhinandan and for the sake of other young men in our armed forces, say yes. It will only make you larger than you were before. Regards, Just another citizen who loves India

RT @VORdotcom: My gratitude to all those Pakistanis who are keeping Peace alive. Constantly. I guess this is #NayaPakistan after all. :) I hope there is light at the end of this tunnel. Stay strong. Do Right. -From this side of the border

RT @UsmanMalik174: More then 20,000 people at New York city against the genocide in Kashmir by the Indian Army. The brutal face of Indian agenda should be expose to the world.

RT @UsmanMalik174: PM Imran Khan arrived China to bring peace and prosperity in the region under CPEC projects #CPECtransformingPakistan

RT @UsmanMalik174: RT @UsmanMalik174: Kashmiris want freedom from Indian oppression #KashmirCries

RT @UsmanMalik174: میرے میزبان اس بارے میں بھی کوئ ایک آدھا پروگرام کر لیں، عمران خان کے ساتھ نفرت کے بغض میں صحافت کا معیار نہ بدلیں #منصور_فریجاں_والا

RT @UsmanMalik174: صحافت کا معیار صاف و شفاف پر مبنی ہونا چاہے، یہ نہیں کہ ٹی وی اور فریج بیچنے والے بھی اینکر بن جاہیں #منصور_فریجاں_والا