All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @MuhammadZamanPK: When there is a law, and courts, the results are always in front of the public @Team4PK @AgentPak1979 @MuhammadZamanPK #PathologicalLiarReham

RT @MuhammadZamanPK: Reham Khan has been exploiting her position to engage in anti-Pakistan propaganda as part of Indian Disinfo network with SAATH Forum’s Hussain Haqqani. @Team4PK @AgentPak1979 @MuhammadZamanPK #PathologicalLiarReham

RT @MuhammadZamanPK: The law according to which Reham apologises to zulfi bukhari are the same to PMDA,which is opposed by some lifafa journalists @Team4PK @AgentPak1979 @MuhammadZamanPK #PathologicalLiarReham

RT @MuhammadZamanPK: Nice one Zulfi, can we follow same method to sue all other pathological liars sitting in London! @Team4PK @AgentPak1979 @MuhammadZamanPK #PathologicalLiarReham

RT @MuhammadZamanPK: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader and Prime Minister Imran Khan’s former Special Assistant Zulfi Bukhari has won a defamation case against Reham Khan, a broadcaster, at the London High Court. @Team4PK @AgentPak1979 @MuhammadZamanPK #PathologicalLiarReham

RT @MuhammadZamanPK: In 2019, December, Reham had accused Zulfi Bukhari of becoming part of a β€œcorrupt plan with the prime minister to sell or acquire the Roosevelt Hotel in New York at lesser value for his benefit.” @Team4PK @AgentPak1979 @MuhammadZamanPK #PathologicalLiarReham

RT @MuhammadZamanPK: She has also pinned her apology from her Twitter account in both Urdu and English languages. @Team4PK @AgentPak1979 @MuhammadZamanPK #PathologicalLiarReham

RT @MuhammadZamanPK: And say, β€œTruth has come and falsehood has vanished. Falsehood is surely bound to vanish.” (Quran 17:81) @Team4PK @AgentPak1979 @MuhammadZamanPK #PathologicalLiarReham

RT @indusdotnews: Pakistani athlete @SKhanAthlete holds many records, including first women to cycle #Biafo & the first Pakistani woman to ride a bicycle atop #MountKilimanjaro. She shares her success journey in today’s show of the #CoffeeTable with Mina Malik-Hussain.