All deleted tweets from politicians

AS Ynys Môn MS Senedd Cymru - Welsh Parliament @Plaid_Cymru

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@BarbaraShone Happy to discuss any aspects of it. It’s project I’ve always been very supportive of. Email me?

RT @CatalansForYes: MAJOR BREAKING: The Spanish prosecutor's office will request 25 to 30 years of imprisonment for the former vice-president of the Catalan government and 15-25 years for the rest of the ministers that carried out last year's independence referendum.

RT @daranhill: Tomorrow #thisisnotarecess will focus on older people during Covid, with me and @AlunDaviesMS being joined by @VickiLloyd110 from @AgeCymru, @JFinchSaunders, @RhunapIorwerth and @ChachyOwen from @ParkinsonsUK

@stef_a88 Mae’n achlysur arbennig!! ◽

...aaaaaand #Georgia becomes blue. Reckon it will stay that way. Reckon #Pennsylvania is next. What a story. And #Trump still thinks the fundamental problem is that too many votes are being counted. Too many legitimate votes. 🤷🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️#Election2020

RT @raywilz: I think this is brilliant. Well,done @Gazpin_69kg and what an example to younger generations by @hawfc #niftysixties. Never to old to keep fit and healthy. Thanks to @sportwales @angleseycouncil @WelshGovernment for funding the brilliant @hawfc. @RhunapIorwerth good techniques…

RT @raywilz: So I will end this week again asking @WelshGovernment to make PE a Core Subject in Schools. Mandatory 120 minutes a week minimum. Draft2022 curriculum. provide this vital life skill the precedence it needs to make our next generation healthier. @wgmin_education

RT @raywilz: Make PE a Core Subject in Wales. Minimum of 120 minutes a week. It will ensure our next generation are fit adults. @WelshGovernment @wgmin_education are failing our school kids with the 2022 PE scheme of disaster! @sportwales @angleseycouncil @RhunapIorwerth

RT @raywilz: Today I shout out to shop local, this Holyhead Butchers sells local produce which is quality, and affordable. Keep small Business alive.

RT @raywilz: When children don't get PE in our Nations schools, in a structured learning environment, we could be taking away their only chance in the day in order to be active. Make PEa Core Subject @WelshGovernment @RhunapIorwerth @sportwales #180minsaweek