All deleted tweets from politicians

Ymgeisydd @Plaid_Cymru dros Ynys Môn | Plaid Cymru Candidate for Ynys Môn

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RT @WelshGasDoc: I’d love it if S4C went into full CNN mode for the #SeneddElection2021… drilling down into what the turnout in Penrhyndeudraeth means for the make up of the Senedd, discussing how the change in demographic of Lampeter affects the overall vote. #WalesDecides

RT @ParchKevin: The only canvassor to knock on the Rectory door was from @PlaidCymruMon. She was intelligent, articulate and well informed and a credit to @RhunapIorwerth. She listened to my wife's concerns and a member of Rhun's team followed him up. An example of good constituency work.

RT @asoundreaction: Just back from my local friendly portakabin. Voted @Plaid_Cymru for the first time today. Felt good. Felt right. Hope it’s the shape of things to come.

RT @asoundreaction: I have never wanted independence for Wales more than I do now. Cut us free from the stench of filth and corruption that pollutes the Westminster trough.

@nigel_copner Thanks Nigel.

RT @rozzy150: RT @rozzy150: Imagine wanting change for #anglesey and still voting #Labour Imagine. Vote for change and change your vote! #labourout

🚓🚨 Etholiad Comisiynydd Heddlu a Throsedd - Heddlu Gogledd Cymru Police & Crime Commissioner Election - North Wales Police Ymgyrchu yn Fali - Campaigning with @Plaid_Cymru’s excellent candidaye @AnnGriffith2013 in Valley.

RT @YorkshireLad_87: Corbyistas can attack me and others all they want but Labour keep giving people more and more reasons not to vote for them and I’m afraid I’ll never vote for any anti-immigrant, pro-Brexit party and sadly Labour now fall into that category - vote Green, Lib Dem, SNP or Plaid👍

RT @alffa_band: RT @alffa_band: Ti’m by any chance angan dau foi arall yn dy fand i recordio’r Arlywydd na met? Asking for a friend #CIG2021