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MSP for Almond Valley

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RT @GarethBQuinn: .@AConstanceSNP sets out to David Lidington MP the importance of migration to Scotland’s economy. “Why on earth would we support a deal which seeks to end freedom of movement?”...he can’t answer.

RT @GarethBQuinn: .@maureenSNP, @AConstanceSNP & @zsstevens hitting the campaign trail in Shetland this morning to get @tprwills elected on 29th August! (Starting off in front of Anderson High School, built as part of @theSNP Scottish Government’s Schools for the Future programme) #tideisturning

RT @GarethBQuinn: Roaring intervention from @MareeToddMSP. Calls out Tories welfare policies, which are sending kids to school hungry - and asks how can this possibly help improve pupils attainment? Scottish Tory benches have the audacity to scoff.

RT @GarethBQuinn: Good news too easily buried. Some positive things we learnt today... ✅100% of eligible IVF patients seen within target waiting time ✅NHS patient satisfaction at a record high ✅Youth participation at a record high ✅First Carer’s Allowance Supplement payment next month

RT @GarethBQuinn: .@aewingmsp asks the First Minister to call on Downing Street and UK Ministers to accept the judgement in full, and not to impugn the independence of our judiciary and judges as they did following the ruling of the court of session earlier this month.

RT @GraceBrodie: So there is absolutely No Doubt that there has been a Power Grab. The Scottish Parliament did have the powers when the bill was passed. But Westminster subsequently ‘grabbed’ them so now they don’t. So no one can argue there is No power grab #PowerGrab #Brexit

RT @NVPeople: RT @NVPeople: The fantastic four: Nae Pasaran will fill you with tears of pride via @ScotNational

RT @stuilawrie: RT @stuilawrie: @mrjamesmack @AConstanceMSP we now have a family of long eared owls we used to have a lot of mice in the long grass.. http:…

RT @Juliet945600: RT @Juliet945600: Another brilliant piece - says it all: When are the refugees of Calais too old for kindness? | Chibundu Onuzo https://t.…