All deleted tweets from politicians

Proud MP 4 Paisley & Renfrewshire N. Prouder husband to Lynn, and dad to Emma & Eilidh 'World class' darts player - Russ Bray ๐Ÿ“ง

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RT @DoormanJon: SNP MP @GavNewlandsSNP Challenging the Prime Minister today over the disgraceful Fire and rehire policies being threatened by @BritishGas Workers rights MUST be protected and the @GMB_union, as well as other unions, are fighting hard to ensure this policy is banned.

RT @DoormanJon: In 2014 I campaigned against Scottish Indyref. I campaigned in Glasgow & Edinburgh and argued to stay together. However, the way that this rotten govt is treating Scotland I can no longer argue against indyref 2 anymore. @joannaccherry @drewhendrySNP @GavNewlandsSNP @MhairiBlack

RT @RHANews: Govt must let firms hire overseas truckers in short term to help tackle 100k HGV #DriverShortage, @RHARichardB told @SkyNews. Moves to speed up driver testing are welcome but not in time for the #Christmas and #BlackFridayย stock-build happening right now. @IanKingSky

RT @NHSGGC: Vaccination drop-in centres for today, Tuesday 7th September. Pfizer doses are now being offered to 16 and 17-year-olds, and up to 39-year-olds. Astra-Zeneca vaccinations are also available to those aged 40 and over. Find more information here โžก๏ธ

@offtheballbbc Our Ronaldo is obvious. It's Shaun Roonaldo aka the Bellshill Cafu. Not quite as pleasing on the eye, in playing style, hairstyle, fashion style you name it but he's magic. Also thanks to Aileen for sorting out tickets for the Galatasaray game and good luck in the new job!

RT @GavNewlandsSNP: ๐Ÿ“ขREMINDER After 18 months of online surgeries my 1st in-person advice surgeries will be held tomorrow. For the time being all surgeries are appointment only - you can call 0141 378 0600 or email to book yourself in. 1/2

I'm not sure how long he & his colleagues think they can get away with shifting the democratic goalposts on a referendum. Is this the modern day 40% rule? He knows it's coming. Ask him what his position is in a few months. #indyref2 #IndependenceIsNormalโ€ฆ

RT @_shannon_laura: This is absolutely spot on - news outlets did an awful job of reporting on Scotland/ Wales this weekend. Had to resort to Twitter for the most recent/ accurate updates. I only moved to Scotland in Sept but it feels like you're completely forgotten about up here.

RT @JackMeredith_1: @KirstySNP @GavNewlandsSNP @alisonthewliss This is a live list of all companies that have used fire and rehire so far. Please check it out, endorse it and let me know if there are companies on there who have not been added. We WILL hold them all to account.โ€ฆ