All deleted tweets from politicians

SNP Member of the Scottish Parliament for Carrick, Cumnock and Doon Valley Constituency. Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport.

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RT @kirstenoswald: “It’s not about what I want or what Boris Johnson wants. It’s about what the people of Scotland want, and the increasing evidence is that they want independence” @NicolaSturgeon pointing out to #Marr that people in #Scotland must decide their own future.🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 #YES

RT @Jackson_Carlaw: I wouldn’t mind ScotGov pursuing a different vaccination strategy to the rest of the UK, provided that strategy vaccinated FASTER and BETTER. How can we justify less than a quarter of the over 80s in Scotland getting a jag compared to England? It’s scandalous.

RT @BronwynChat: @JeaneF1MSP It looks very impressive, can a video walkthrough be put online for those with autism, learning disabilities etc to view? My daughter would find this very overwhelming to cope with, if she could see it first it would make a huge difference.

RT @mrpaulaitken: After watching Catherine Calderwood, @NicolaSturgeon and @JeaneF1MSP at today's conference, one thing is clear. If you're out mixing with people and not washing your hands when you show up somewhere and before you leave, you are risking lives.

RT @make_the_move: I warmly welcome @JeaneF1MSP @scotgovfairer ambitions for employment in Scotland's #UNCRPD Disability Delivery Plan #summit2016

RT @scotgov: A deployment plan has been published setting out how we will roll out vaccinations in Scotland to 4.5 million people. Read more ➡️

RT @NHS24: Amber weather warning for snow across large parts of Scotland overnight. Another reason to stay home, stay safe. Please be careful if you need to go out - roads and pavements likely to be slippy.

RT @Official999Day: Thank you very much indeed to the people of Edinburgh for making us feel so welcome for 999 Day. Thank you to the @Scotambservice, @paulinehowie, Mark Vickers, @fire_scot, @Perry1Ali, John Hanlin, @policescotland and Neill Whiteside. And of course @dominikamsmyth.

RT @kaitlynmacqau: @KateForbesMSP @scotgov @jasonleitch @JeaneF1MSP @NicolaSturgeon My Daughter who works NHS has received word of her thank you bonus, and that it will be subject to tax,she is grateful and delighted But it’s a shame @ScotTories and their leader are happy that it’s being taxed.

RT @AlynSmith: Our @NicolaSturgeon yet again putting in a shift for Scotland on the world stage. Our future is with this woman, not bitter voices of the past.