All deleted tweets from politicians

SNP Member of Parliament for Glasgow South. Proud Glaswegian & Southsider. For constituent cases & policy queries email

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RT @marcgcairns: #RossStMarket is back on Sat 4th Feb at @manystudios in #TheBarras #Glasgow! New Art 🎒, Food 🌮 & Drink 🍹stalls. Part of @EEFSaturdays. ✌🏻

RT @WritingGabe: Very interesting insight into the Scottish Labour mindset here. The entitlement to votes, the insistance that the SNP have somehow tricked "their" voters into supporting them, the refusal to accept there are rational reasons to support independence.…

RT @GabrielNeil: All the folk in 2014 who were waxing lyrical about the strengths of the UK's unwritten constitution sure seem quiet now a PM is about to suspend parliament to force through an unpopular economic catastrophe.

Melonchon goes anti-Vax. No surprise.

RT @Paul_Dillane: RT @Paul_Dillane: Over 100 people have reserved places. Register here and join us! #LGBT #HumanRights #SriLanka #forEquality…

RT @Paul_Dillane: Fascinating meeting with @APPGLGBT and @UNHumanRights to discuss launch of new corporate standards on LGBTI rights and business #Biz4LGBTI

RT @Paul_Dillane: In 2018, the struggle for equality for LGBT people globally continues. @Kaleidoscope_T is dedicated to supporting LGBT activists around the world. Pledge your support today. Your donation will make a difference:… #LGBT #Equality #HumanRights

RT @Paul_Dillane: During #CommonwealthGames, @ScotCuthbertson of @LGBTIScotland is on the ground in Gold Coast representing @CWEquality and doing vital work to champion LGBTI equality. Follow for updates! 🤽🏼‍♂️⛹🏾‍♀️🥇🏳️‍🌈👏🏻…

RT @Paul_Dillane: Bisexual asylum seeker criticised by @ukhomeoffice for saying T in LGBT means trans. This is an extract from a genuine asylum interview.