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RT @MiriamBrett: I spoke with Channel 5 News for @Cmmonwealth on the nature of the recovery. We’re likely to experience the deepest recession in 300 years and mass unemployment. We need action to provide jobs and security for communities, and a rapid just transition.

RT @MiriamBrett: The OECD warned that 15% of the workforce in Britain could face unemployment should we see a second spike, and 65% of furloughed workers are worried about losing their jobs. The nature of recovery is still largely unknown and the level of government intervention will shape it.

RT @CCG_Scotland: It is great to see the progress being made at our Watson Street development in #Glasgow city centre where we are delivering 46 flats up to 7 storeys on behalf of @GHA & @LowtherHomes @WheatleyHousing #construction #homes #urbanregeneration #townplanning #building #housing

RT @kellymattison7: RT @kellymattison7: @alisonthewliss @FreedomProgramm Rather than 'just flee' what about 'don't rape'

RT @MiriamBrett: A mere 6% of us want a return to a pre-pandemic economy, yet Sunak’s statement failed to recognise this. Instead, it doubled down on elements of business-as-usual, insulating the power of those already amassing wealth. My latest for @tribunemagazine.…

RT @Andy_Graydon_: My mum is back to work in Tesco tomorrow after shielding since March. She’s absolutely terrified as she’s not interacted with anyone outside of the family since then. See if you don’t think you should wear a mask, fine. But gonnae just put one on to help her feel less scared.

RT @MiriamBrett: The real Living Wage - £9.30 National Minimum Wage - £4.55 for under 18s - £6.45 for 18 to 20-year-olds - £8.20 for 21 to 24-year-olds. The real Living Wage is what people need to live on. Why on earth do we have wages people cannot live on?

RT @MiriamBrett: RT @MiriamBrett: Why would anyone think it acceptable to pay under 18s £4.55 an hour? Nobody should be paid a poverty wage.

RT @MiriamBrett: ‘Employers can top up government subsidised wages’ A) some employers won’t be able to B) some employers won’t want to If the National Minimum Wage needs to be topped up to be a wage people can actually live on, it should be much, much higher.