All deleted tweets from politicians

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@harveyjkaye Me too 😉

urko aiartza (spain) retweeted @zooteek :

RT @zooteek: First #rugby championship among #Basque teams from both sides of the #Pyrenees. Almost impossible for any other team to beat…

urko aiartza (spain) tweeted :

Congrats to all involved in the Maputo Agreeement for a lasting peace between 🇲🇿 Gob (Felimo) & Renamo.

RT @newbelfast: Brexit battle lines emerging on Capitol Hill… ó @IrishEcho

RT @WintersExpress: Garamendi tours child migrant detention facilities in Texas, calls conditions "inhumane" https:…

urko aiartza (spain) retweeted @NMAAHC :

RT @NMAAHC: #OTD in 1924, James Baldwin was born and later became of America's greatest literary voices. Explore his legacy through our col…

RT @BarryMcColgan: 104 years ago today Pádraig Pearse called Ireland to arms in his oration at O'Donovan Rossa's funeral. RIP "The fools,…

RT @SputnikInt: #UNSC calls for return of all expelled #WesternSahara mission staff @UN

RT @SputnikInt: Spain’s #Basque Country moves closer to independence referendum