All deleted tweets from politicians

Now at @SpinnersMill. Former Labour MP for Leigh. Labour and Co-op party member. Views are all mine. Still campaigning #LongCovid #ADHD #DV amongst others.

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Jo Platt (UKMPs) tweeted :

@RACGP Listen to Amy, a respected GP, listen to other medical professionals and listen to the thousands of others that are going through #LongCovid. We need better.

Jo Platt (UKMPs) retweeted @LeighFilm :

RT @LeighFilm: Big thank you to the wonderful Caffeina Cafe Pennington Park #Leigh who have joined our #ElfOnTour fundraising appeal. #FoodPoverty Photos from the lovely @babs1407 Donate here👇…

Jo Platt MP (UKMPs) retweeted @LSFAGirls :

RT @LSFAGirls: Lancashire Schools FA Girls U14s will face @kentschools_fa in the @PSSchoolsCup @SchoolsFootball National Cup @stokecity Bet365 Stadium on Saturday 12th May Kick Off 1.30pm #COYRR #RosesLive #Lancashire 🌹⚽️❤️

Jo Platt (UKMPs) retweeted @rgsheadmaster :

RT @rgsheadmaster: Pleased to be at the APPG for ADHD, promoting better understanding and support for those with a neurodiverse window on the world - important work to help up to 5% of the population ... a child in every classroom. @Bambos_MP @tonylloyd50 @profamandakirby @UKParliament @HMC_Org

Jo Platt (UKMPs) replied to @LouCoo65 :

@LouCoo65 Our yearly tear fest ◽

Jo Platt (UKMPs) replied to @mancunianmedic :

@mancunianmedic Couldn’t agree more.

Jo Platt (UKMPs) tweeted :

Our movement through time - what a perfect gift for that Labour lover in your life◽

Jo Platt (UKMPs) replied to @keyeri :

@keyeri I had the same around a month ago. Odd!

Jo Platt (UKMPs) retweeted @SalfordBazza :

RT @SalfordBazza: This guy is a plant. James Grundy has done NOTHING in Leigh since he was elected, whilst constituents are still turning to former MP @JoPlattLeigh for help. To her eternal credit Jo obliges whilst this fraud steals a wage from the taxpayer

RT @Scott_Creator: @JoPlattMP Thank you Jo for EVERYTHING that you’re doing for the ADHD community & of course of those who might feel less represented. He sounded quite dismissive in his response.