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RT @TweetsBySohail: RT @TweetsBySohail: @JermainJackman Bring it on! You’ll be my #1 preference.

Workers in Early Years are at the Frontline of Covid. Early Years doesn’t have an online alternative. Early Years staff must be included in the priority groups if we don’t childcare to collapse

What’s this header? Biden-Harris! Trump’s even gone too far for Pence. The Trump coalition will hopefully unravel now. With Trump just left with the far right fringe who stormed the Capital.

RT @OpenLabour: For years, many warned that Trumpism = fascism. Others laughed it off, dismissed it, called it hyperbole. But this is what happens when too many are unable to recognise white supremacist, far-right politics, and too many are unwilling to stand up to it.

RT @James_Barber10: I will definitely be supported the amazing @JermainJackman to become the first ever Black Male to be elected to our NEC. Jermain is an absolute asset to the Labour Movement and I hope to see him win!!! #JJ4NEC

RT @luisaomielan: Had the most horrible meeting with an MP today called Phillip Davies. Tried to ask him about country divide, nhs cuts & homelessness. He suspended the interview, called me a left wing extremist corbynista, ignored me when I told him about my mother & physically blocked me when

RT @luisaomielan: I felt shaken and horrible. Genuinely wanted a discussion to hear from his perspective. He just claimed Bbc bias and had absolutely no empathy or answers. I’m sure he has faced stronger questions but his physical behaviour was shameful and appalling. This is who is in government.

RT @luisaomielan: I tried to leave his office as he wanted to take the camera. I said no chance and ran out, accidentally pushed passed his assistant. He came into my personal space and shoved me a little as I tried to get out the door which he was blocking. It was horrific

RT @BenFromFinchley: Another excellent @OpenLabour Zoom call being hosted tonight by @AnishaFaruk interviewing @OwenJones84. Brilliant how many of these have been organised in recent weeks!