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PhD student / tweeting in 🇬🇧 & other 🇪🇺 languages in personal capacity, retweets not endorsements

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Veiko Spolitis (Unity) tweeted :

Impeach twice? The ◽◽ banana republic under #IMPOTUS45 ◽‍♀️ #TRE45SON

RT @votevets: RT @votevets: Since you're all so focused on the mask... #TraitorTrump #PhotoOp

RT @IlvesToomas: RT @IlvesToomas: Well, this would be an interesting switch for the German government.…

RT @ulrichspeck: "Putin is ... a classic KGB opportunist. His talent is sniffing out weakness. During the cold war, Moscow sought to undermine the west – the US and Britain in particular. Putin uses the same playbook, but far more effectively."…

Šobrīd reitingi atspoguļojas #APAR un #ZZS reklāmas kampaņa @LatvijasTV. Pēc divām nedēļām redzēsim reālistiskāku ainu. #ārkārtasvēlēšanas2020… via @lsmlv

RT @VeikoSpolitis: Благодарю @kvoneggert for the interview with Vytautas Landsbergis. A sage man’s advice should be read by all leaders of the Western 🌍 in 🇪🇺🇺🇸🇨🇦🇹🇷🇳🇴🇲🇪🇺🇦🙏… via @dw_russian

Veiko Spolitis (Unity) tweeted :

Saw this weird ◽◽ буханка yesterday in @sigulda_aizrauj ◽‍♀️

RT @donwinslow: RT @donwinslow: I'm sick of Donald Trump's brand of fake patriotism. Our new video: #DemocratsStandTall

#Kremlin dictator Kabayev better sit in his bunker and fornicate himself with a mask on. I will see @KremlinRussia_E die rather than megalomaniac dreams of a chekist fulfill.… via @AtlanticCouncil

RT @TimothyDSnyder: RT @TimothyDSnyder: I was pleased to have the chance to talk with @sarahkendzior for @gaslitnation.