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RT @RusiAlpo: I assume Finnish and Swedish foreign ministers could share your joint statement. In the future it would be important to have joint Baltic and Nordic statements with respect of the human rights violations in Russia.

RT @donaldtuskEPP: RT @donaldtuskEPP: They didn’t break Navalny with poison, they will not break him with prison. Let our solidarity be his strength.

RT @JulianRoepcke: #Breaking Extremely good news for #Russia, #China, #NordStream2 and the #Assad regime. @ArminLaschet was elected new leader of the @CDU and is likely to become Germany's next chancellor later this year. And yes. With him as a leader, #Germany, #Europe and the #West are screwed.

FF Russia 1825 💯 + 💯 .... 2021 and #Decembrists tur into #Januarists ... Be strong @navalny @SobolLubov a.o. Members of 🇷🇺civic society

RT @ltvzinas: 1991. gada barikāžu laikā Voldemārs Jaronis bija Vecrīgas aizsardzības operatīvā štāba priekšnieka vietnieks un balstoties savā pieredzē sniedza vērtīgus padomus par barikāžu būvniecību un izvietošanu. Viņš savulaik bijis padomju armijas virsnieks un vadījis tanku bataljonu.

RT @skodaautonews: We've been a proud partner to the @IIHFHockey World Championship for 28 years. But we also respect & promote all human rights. Therefore, #SKODA will withdraw from sponsoring the 2021 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship if #Belarus is confirmed to be co-hosting the event.

RT @KeithOlbermann: NEW VIDEO: The Trump Coup is very much alive and still very much of a threat to Democracy. As the @RealMikeLindell @MyPillowUSA incident today proves, if Trump is NOT going to try to invoke Martial Law and the Insurrection Act, his GOP-Fascist backers are advising him to #MyCoup

RT @VeikoSpolitis: RT @VeikoSpolitis: #cduparteitag Certainly not the favourite, but godspeed @n_roettgen anyhow! via @Tagesspiegel…