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Bob Rae: Lawyer-OKT, Prof, Uof T: Mediator, Speaker, Writer. Special Envoy to Myanmar, First Nations, Social Justice, Governance, Democracy, Conflict Res

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Bob Rae (unknown) retweeted @HBloggins :

RT @HBloggins: RT @HBloggins: Fed power becomes less limited on receiving a req for aid of the civil power from a province

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RT @hilarypunch: Met one of Canada's political trailblazers today, must say it is always a highlight to meet one of your heroes @BobRae48

Bob Rae (unknown) tweeted :

Don’t forget Emma Lazarus « Don’t Tell the King » about Myanmar and Cyclone Nargis. Killed 150000 people.

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RT @journorosa: RT @journorosa: In the end, polls got it right. Macron won with projected 65% of the vote. Not even close. #Présidentielle2017…

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RT @journorosa: Footage obtained by @AP of the migrant crisis in the Sahara is shocking. As seen in @DHamamdjian's report on @CTVNationalNews, 13,000 migrants, including pregnant women and children, have been dumped in the desert by Algerian authorities and forced to walk. No food, no water.

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RT @journorosa: RT @journorosa: This happened in Ottawa today. Canadian version of a high-speed chase.

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RT @journorosa: Florence may be getting all the attention, but Typhoon Mangkhut is bigger and potentially more deadly. Equivalent to a category 5 hurricane, 48 million could be affected in the Philippines, Hong Kong and southern China.…

Bob Rae (unknown) retweeted @journorosa :

RT @journorosa: Point taken, Charlie. @LisaLaFlammeCTV reported this on @CTVNationalNews last night and pretty much said exactly that. Typhoon Mangkhut, equivalent to a category 5 hurricane, potentially 48 million people at risk. Not getting nearly as much coverage as Florence.…

RT @etfopresident: Minister, you know we have been working with a mediator appointed by the Ont Ministry of Labour. She has a wealth of experience, is extremely competent, & fully understands the negotiations & mediation process. It’s time you stop insulting her as a professional! #onpoli #onted

Bob Rae (unknown) retweeted @hugorifkind :

RT @hugorifkind: RT @hugorifkind: Welcome To The People's European Republic of Crouch End, Please Drive Electrically