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@davidzelcer @JodyWarren1 If it’s any consolation, I don’t know you Mr Zelcer except for some brief professional encounters in which I was applying ointment but left felling quite satisfied having been beaten with a heavy intellectual stick. I think of you as an arse hole as well. Nice chat.

RT @colleencbc: RT @colleencbc: Protest continues. A lot of politicians here now.

RT @johnjhogan: When you are making conclusions like this, it now seems clear how this crowd came to the "least cost option" conclusion #nlpoli

RT @johnjhogan: RT @johnjhogan: Obama - most powerful politician in the world - says being a citizen is the most important office we hold. We should all ta…

Gerry Byrne (unknown) retweeted @akkitwts :

RT @akkitwts: RT @akkitwts: I never seen before elephant love with human and the way she laugh I love it

RT @jenditchburn: RT @jenditchburn: @TheBrazman Dear Senator: Many a person has made fun of my name and he word "Bitch". But never a Canadian senator. Tha ...

Gerry Byrne (unknown) tweeted :

After a hard day in the House, ⁦@RNC_Stella⁩ is there to take the edge off! She is wonderful & so is the @RNC_PoliceNL⁩ team behind her! I feel better already!

RT @jenditchburn: RT @jenditchburn: This gem making the rounds on Facebook.

Gerry Byrne (unknown) tweeted :

Thumbs up to Stella & the Merry Band of Influencers on raising over $15,000 for the Corner Brook Dire Fighters Christmas Toy Drive! 12 Months 12 Miracles pulls it off again only this time bigger than ever! #BestInTheWestBurger Challenge is a hit! Thx to everyone who contributed!