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RT @TomTugendhat: We should stand with the Russian people supporting @navalny and close the loop holes that let the Putin mafia get their money out and hidden. There are some in the professional services in the City of London who need to be questioned for their enabling of violence and theft.

RT @CChristineFair: It's astonishing how @State_SCA doesn't seem to protest that not only is Pakistan murdering its righteous critics at home, it's even hunting them down and murdering them after securing asylum abroad. Why isn't Pakistan a state sponsor of terror? Asking for its myriad victims.

RT @CanadaPaintings: RT @CanadaPaintings: Near Baie-Saint-Paul, Winter Henrietta Mabel May 1927

RT @Qikiqtani_Inuit: Word of the Day ᐅᖃᐅᓯᓕᕆᔾᔪᑎᕗᑦ ᐅᓪᓗᒥ #Inuktitut ᐳᐊᓘᒃ Pualuuk Pu-a-luuk Mittens (Image: Pitaloosie Saila's The Red Mitts) Listen here: ᓈᓚᒃᓯᐅᒃ ᐅᕙᓂ:…

RT @KassandraSeven: RT @KassandraSeven: DNC warns of heightened disinformation activity ahead of debate…

Chris Alexander (unknown) tweeted :

"There is truth & there are lies, lies told for power & for profit. & each of us has a duty & a responsibility as citizens, as Americans, & especially as leaders – leaders who have pledged to honour our Constitution & protect our nation – to defend the truth & defeat the lies.

RT @calxandr: @JoeBiden is finishing one of the finest inaugural speeches ever. Four years of jeopardy are ending; America has an opportunity to heal. The free world has a new leader; #Canada will benefit. #Inauguration

RT @HeaneyDaily: “... But while democracy can be periodically delayed, It can never be permanently defeated. In this truth, in this faith we trust. For while we have our eyes on the future, History has its eyes on us.” Amanda Gorman (22) Inauguration Poet.

RT @HeaneyDaily: RT @HeaneyDaily: Unfazed by light, to make a new beginning And make a go of it, alive and sinning, Ourselves again, free-willed again, not…