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Franco-Ontarian, Father, Gamer, Geek, Nerd, Lego, Everything Transit. Former Member of Parliament - Scarborough Southwest and Board of Director @Variety_Ontario

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RT @CBCOlympics: RT @CBCOlympics: A golden GIF for a golden reaction. We had to do it ◽◽◽@mags_swims26 #Tokyo2020

Dan Harris (unknown) retweeted @gsdenton :

RT @gsdenton: Glossing over the Ontario Liberal Party's record of cuts, privatization & cronyism isn't going to turn their 8 seats into a majority govt. Holding them, and their leader, accountable for that record isn't 'mean' or 'partisan' - it's urgent & necessary. #onpoli #onted

RT @iancapstick: RT @iancapstick: Men are so emotional. Bet he didn't have to clean it up.

RT @iancapstick: RT @iancapstick: Yeah, they said the same thing about same sex marriage.

RT @hassan_yussuff: It’s already bad enough that women would potentially lose out on a needed increase in the minimum wage with the repeal of #Bill148. It’s absolutely callous to send a further signal that this province doesn’t even care about their safety.… #canlab #onpoli

RT @Rob_Tarzwell: Overdose isn't like in the movies. Brief thread. Met my neighbour Gary yesterday during my run, just outside my building. He was having trouble staying on his feet. However, emergency services had already intervened (police) so it seemed like things were well in hand.

RT @iancapstick: Knowing full well there was a civil case filed, and a likely civilian investigation, the RCMP still destroyed police records from the night Colten Boushie died.…

Dan Harris (unknown) retweeted @7im :

RT @7im: RT @7im: There are few things in Washington more dangerous than Katie Porter with a white board.…

RT @iancapstick: RT @iancapstick: My advice for any politicians thinking of joining TikTok? Don't | Joel Golby…