All deleted tweets from politicians

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George Galloway (unknown) tweeted :

MoatsTV: RT @MarkEglinton: See y’all then — Sunday on #MOATS ◽◽◽◽…

RT @paulvgreenall: @georgegalloway @SteveHedley3 @labourleave @LeaveMnsLeave @Nigel_Farage @PaulEmbery Decent people of Britain, we cannot sit back and allow this to happen!

RT @RT_sputnik: #Saturday 🚀 Sputnik: Orbiting the World with @georgegalloway & @GayatriGalloway This week: @real_alexm MIHAILOVICH on #Canada’s General Election & IR Security Analyst @MarkSleboda1 on #UkraineUS spy ring 📺 Watch UK Freeview 234/Sky 511 and 🌎 online:…

RT @MoroseBadger: RT @MoroseBadger: @georgegalloway Leave the EU for a guaranteed destruction of the Tories? When put like that it is very appealing.

RT @cduffy_gla: RT @cduffy_gla: @georgegalloway One of the greatest political speeches I have ever heard on Palestine took place in the Irish senate https:…

RT @cduffyGLA: RT @cduffyGLA: Somewhere in Gaza, a little boy who dreams of playing football has been given hope. God bless Celtic @georgegalloway https:/…

RT @celt_gla: Know what’s strange, @jk_rowling and @RachelRileyRR are never done tweeting about alleged anti semitism (one of mankind’s most abhorrent forms of racism) in the Labour Party. Yet when a black woman is bullied by a modern day lynch mob on Question Time, their silence is deafening.

George Galloway (unknown) tweeted :

MoatsTV: @ehtangen Good afternoon Einar, We’ve got an urgent interview request for you! Could you please drop us a private message so that we could connect with you directly and send you all the information - thank you! Alena

RT @Lubna_BaH: RT @Lubna_BaH: Hypocritical ◽

RT @ralphallen8: @georgegalloway From a standing start to polling 22% of the vote is a magnificent achievement - cementing your Workers Party GB as a real player in future elections - something precious to build on as a Party of the people and for the people - Well done to all !