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Former Canadian Parliamentarian and youngest female MP in Canadian history. MSc. @LSEHumanRights currently in NYC. #globalheath #UHC #PIL

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any and all plant advice welcome

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this is making me cringe only because it's reminding me of a time I tried a "genius" "hack" to remove avocado pits and sliced my hand open

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RT @Rewster7: @MaraWilson Fun fact: What Americans call "sprinkles" Australians call "hundreds and thousands"

RT @ldobsonhughes: The Mail is On It, with a front page piece on how this dangerous fraudster lady OWNS 31 RABBITS. Yes, that’s right. 31.…

RT @andreapitzer: I wrote for @nybooks about the history of concentration camps and how it illuminates what we're doing on the border. The…

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The gray yarn made in these factories goes to others in China, Cambodia and Bangladesh that weave t-shirts for @hm. So...

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If you have @adidas, @hm or @Gap in your closet, or @KraftHeinzCo or @CocaCola in your fridge, there's a chance it was made with forced labour from China's persecuted Uighurs who report being coerced into indoctrination programs.… @evadou @Chao_Deng @WSJ

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I haven't been good at keeping plants alive in the past few years and know so little about gardening that new house plants still fascinate me. This is an osculatia deltoid. It looks like something out of a Mario Bros video game--cartoony. Apparently it produces purple flowers

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I watched Michelle in the House for years -- she stood out as a thoughtful, hardworking person. But in the past years, things have really gone south. Borrowing a page from the Trump playlist to stoke anger against Canadian journalists is just the lowest of the low. #pressfreedom

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RT @DaraKaye: I was once disciplined in middle school for wearing a tank top that revealed a bra strap so I'm pretty sure you can tell kids…