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Economista e Gestor de empresas - Economist and Business Manager

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RT @CraziestPeoples: RT @CraziestPeoples: Anyone who just discovered they had superpowers at the WORST POSSIBLE MOMENT

RT @stonecold2050: Hello, my name is Richard Burr. I'm a Senator from North Carolina. I want you to know it only cost the NRA $6,986,620 to make sure I stay silent and watch as our children are murdered.

Luis Menezes (unknown) tweeted :

1/2 Disse q se o PS acha que o Chega era xenófobo e racista, q o ilegalizassem, porque a Constituição o proíbe! Na sua opiniao o Chega é ou nao um partido Xenofobo e racista? Eu acho e não tenho problema de o dizer. Esta tibieza do PSD com a extrema direita vai sair cara...

RT @FernandoEmmes: RT @FernandoEmmes: ... para que não digam que os trabalhadores da Junta de Freguesia de Arroios não dá o corpo ao manifesto.…

Luis Menezes (unknown) tweeted :

2/2 Continuo a ver muitos negacionistas e relativistas a falar da pandemia cheios de peito. Falam de economia, de sonhos perdidos, e liberdade retirada! Esta pandemia vai fazer perder é muitas vidas! Isto é um teste à nossa humanidade. Qt + combatermos a pandemia mais protegemos

RT @Alexandre_Poco: RT @Alexandre_Poco: O Bloco de Esquerda evaporou-se do Parlamento Regional da Madeira. A culpa é das barragens.

RT @dgardner: Several days ago, I got into a Twitter dustup by praising @billgates. I'll say it again: However you feel about inequality, tax policy, the billionaire class, the role of philanthropy, etc., every person on the planet is bloody lucky we have @billgates.…

RT @ShaunKing: This police officer in Lancaster, Pennsylvania should be fired immediately. After he is fired, the District Attorney should immediately press charges for criminal assault. What he did here is completely illegal. This man was compliant, calm, unarmed, and non-violent.

RT @ShaunKing: Man on the left just became the highest paid player in NFL history. Man on the right is basically banned from the NFL. It’s gross. The injustice of what the NFL has done to Colin Kaepernick is despicable. Jimmy Garoppolo has started 7 games in 4 years. Here’s what he did.

RT @BretStephensNYT: I wonder what Oliver Stone, Sean Penn, Naomi Klein, Jeremy Corbyn and the rest of the Chavista love club think when they read this:…