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historiador, membro e fundador do LIVRE. historian, former Member of the European Parliament, founder of @LIVREpt

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rui tavares (unknown) retweeted @wdjstraw :

RT @wdjstraw: RT @wdjstraw: Brexit would be a betrayal of Britain's history & role in the world says Australia's ex-deputy PM @SwannyQLD…

rui tavares (unknown) tweeted :

I can’t even imagine how it’ll be when *this* history is repeated as farse.

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RT @antissa: RT @antissa: Turkish soldiers enter Taksim Square, some people applauding #Istanbul #Turkey…

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RT @Judson3: RT @Judson3: The only locker room talk I heard today at the gym was a gay man telling his friend he just got approved for an adoption. It's…

rui tavares (unknown) retweeted @Anthony :

RT @Anthony: RT @Anthony: Is it just me or does the U.S delegation look concerned during Trump’s UN speech?

rui tavares (unknown) tweeted :

Bom pretexto para fazer circular esta bela Evocação de Silves, do grande poeta (e rei) Al Mutâmid, nascido em Beja. (Fonte:…)

rui tavares (unknown) retweeted @Anthony :

RT @Anthony: RT @Anthony: There’s nothing wrong with these Russia meetings that we tried to cover up.

RT @AnupKaphle: RT @AnupKaphle: Maybe the Russians got in over their heads with this one. You should read @MiriamElder on the DNC…

RT @StrongerInPress: RT @StrongerInPress: Boris so confused he starts talking about Portugal's sugar beet industry when asked a question about British farmers #…

RT @StrongerInPress: RT @StrongerInPress: John Major on #bbcr4today: Painting Britain as a victim of Europe is simply ludicrous. We gain more than we give. We w…