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Mother. Feminist. Socialist. Plaid Cymru Member of the Senedd for Mid and West. Views my own, not always those of those I work with.

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Helen Mary Jones (wales) tweeted :
Helen Mary Jones (wales) tweeted :

Hi all. I will shortly be closing this account. If you'd like to follow my campaign to win Llanelli for Plaid Cymru follow @HelenMary_2021 You can also always email. I'll be posting one last tweet shortly, and will close the account later this evening

RT @Plaid_Cymru: Those who believe in Wales must decide whether we want control of that destiny, or whether we are content to let those who belittle us choose our future on our behalf. We cannot trust Labour – bereft of values and conviction – to stand up to Westminster

RT @DanielGwydion: A lively session with @Plaid_Cymru ‘s impressive new candidates for May’s Senedd elections. Chaired by @bethanjenkins . Hoping they all get in. Ambitious for Wales and their comunities.

RT @Plaid_Cymru: "As your South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner, I will be your voice. "I cannot undo any wrongdoing, I cannot turn back time. "But I will challenge injustice and connect communities to feel safe and be safe." #VoteforWales

@TCymreig Sounds horrible. Glad you’ll be able to get it started

@TCymreig Sorry to hear you’re feeling so poorly. Take care

RT @Golwg360: Corff annibynnol – Ffyniant Cymru – fyddai’n gyfrifol am ddatblygu’r economi pe bai’r Blaid yn ffurfio llywodraeth #gwleidyddiaeth…

RT @bethanjenkins: RT @bethanjenkins: Da iawn oll. Very inspiring to see so many talented candidates for @Plaid_Cymru for the Senedd elections.

RT @sapphofem: @HelenMaryCymru speaking passionate as always @Plaid_Cymru Spring Conference Now is the time to vote for Wales and our children and grandchildren. Now is the time to vote for Wales, now is the time to vote @Plaid_Cymru #OBlaidCymru #VoteForWales