All deleted tweets from politicians

Paul Golding (unknown) tweeted :

British officials helping Turkey’s EU bid -…

Paul Golding (unknown) tweeted :

Turkey’s ruling AKP party has history of links to Islamist groups -…

Paul Golding (unknown) tweeted :

Dozens dead as blast hits wedding in Turkey’s Gaziantep -…

Paul Golding (unknown) tweeted :

INVASION: Turkey’s plan to flood Europe with 3,000 migrants a day! -…

Leadership of Turkey’s #3 Party Arrested on Terrorism Charges…

Yildiz Akdogan (unknown) tweeted :

Det ny syge Tyrkiet! #dkpol Turkey’s Constitutional Court stirs outrage by annulling child sex abuse clause - CRIME

Turkey’s Botched Coup And State Of Emergency: Internal Dynamics And Implications… @socialeurope aracılığıyla

Marian Shinn (DA) tweeted :

Turkey’s President Hated The Internet Until It Helped Save Him From A Coup… via @mike_giglio @buzzfeednews

David Maynier MP (DA) tweeted :

Failed coup adds to uncertainty over Turkey’s economy via @FT

Egemen BAĞIŞ (turkey) tweeted :

My article on Turkey’s social inclusiveness programs published by The Jordan Times…’s-social-inclusiveness-programmes