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We will keep the European flame alive


Ancien député. #Bruxelles #Benelux #Paris #Europe #transfrontalier #handicap #rugby #vinsnaturels

RT @ALDEgroup: "We need to take advantage of this moment to reform Europe." @Albert_Rivera arriving at our ALDE Pre-Summit. We like!

RT @societatcc_int: Hello Europe 🇪🇺 Corruption, deshonesty, separatism, challenge to the Rule of Law –what’s really killing Catalonia, Spain #AturemElCop rally:

Bravo @InesArrimadas (Cs), ◽◽reconocida como una de los 40 líderes europeos de menos de 40 por Friends of Europe…

RT @GuyVerhofstadt: RT @GuyVerhofstadt: Time to freeze accession negotiations with Turkey. Europe won't be threatened by a tyrant who imprisons journalists.

RT @Cs_Europa: Congrats @D66! Great news for 🇳🇱, and even better news for Europe! Pro #EU parties on the rise. NL remains liberal & pro-Eur. stronghold!

Juan Carlos Girauta (EU) tweeted :

Spanish Liberals Offer Support to Macron in Battle for Europe - Bloomberg…

RT @UNmigration: 12,381 migrants incl refugees arrived by sea to Europe. 272 dead/missing #MigrationEurope

RT @Equinoxradio: La chef de l'opposition en Catalogne @InesArrimadas réagit en français : "La France va diriger la nouvelle Europe"…

RT @FHenriques: RT @FHenriques: Justin Trudeau speech in the European Parliament was a big anti-Trump speech. Canada and Europe do share values that the US…