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Janice Atkinson (EU) retweeted @KTHopkins :

RT @KTHopkins: Hofer will win Austria. Right-minded people of Europe have had enough of Islamisation of the West...*Statue of Austrian Empress..modified*

RT @V_of_Europe: RT @V_of_Europe: 'Be Braver and Save Europe': German Right Rallies Voters After Dutch Defeat…

RT @V_of_Europe: RT @V_of_Europe: Leaked Report: Six Million Migrants Want To Enter Europe

RT @V_of_Europe: RT @V_of_Europe: Geert Wilders slams ‘totalitarian’ EU and claims immigration will DESTROY Europe.

RT @V_of_Europe: Hello Angela, You don't lead Europe, you don't represent Europe and you don't protect Europe. You're a traitor of Europe and its values.

RT @V_of_Europe: RT @V_of_Europe: By the time the sea level rises with 1-inch we're the Islamic state of Europe. Nobody cares about the climate, we have oth…

RT @V_of_Europe: RT @V_of_Europe: Polish leader yesterday: we must answer the war against Europe. Via @pisorgpl

RT @V_of_Europe: RT @V_of_Europe: Western vs Eastern Europe: Here you see why there are no problems with Islam and terror in Eastern Europe.…